These are the free printable awards and certificates for your school or class, divided into sections A-H. I-Z is found here. Click on the heading of a section to display the resources available in each curriculum area. Note that banners with areas to enter names are best entered in Adobe Reader for correct sized fonts.

Arts: Music, Drama, Art, Dance

Art AwardArt Talent and Skill CertificateFlair CertificateSensational Drama Certificate
Acting AwardOrchestra Certificate and Award
Music Certificates


None yet... see Health and Values banners and General attitude awards below..

English, Literacy and Spelling

Printable BookmarksLibrary Award
Media Studies AwardEnglish Storytelling CertificateStory Telling Contest Certificate
News Current Events AwardReading AwardSpelling Award Certificate
English Language Diploma

General Class, School

Gold Medal DiplomaHomework AwardHigh School Graduation Certificate
Certificate Diploma GraduationGraduation DiplomaExcellence Achievement Diploma
Volunteer School Certificatesuper_star_award

General Life, Family & Home

Parenting AwardWelcome Back CertificateBaby Arrival Poster Sign Award

Health, Issues, Attitude, Behaviour & Values

Super Star CertificateVolunteer School CertificateEncouraging Award
Citizenship CertificateEffort AwardEffort AwardFree Time Award
Determination Gold Medal CertificateGold Medal CerticateThinking Clever CertificateStar Class Certificate
Spirit Attitude CertificateGood News CertificateWelcome Back Certificate
Top Pupil CertficateFlair Certificate
Sense of Humour CertificateOutstanding Student of the Month


None yet....
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